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Ajrakh Gharchola Saree

Ajrakh Gharchola Saree

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An exquisite blend of traditional Ajrakh block prints and intricate Gharchola weaving, this saree is a celebration of heritage and craftsmanship.

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Type :- Sarees

Material :- Pashmina Silk

Work / Weaving :- A+ Foil + Print 

Designe :- Ajrakh X Gharchola

Pallu :- Ajrakh

Leanth :- 44' Inch.

Meter :- 5.5 Mt. + Blouse

Blouse Material :- Pashmina Silk

Blouse Designe :- Ajrakh Print

Blouse Leanth :- 44' Inch

Blouse Meter :- 0.90 Mt.

Care :- Home Washable

Introducing our exquisite Ajrakh and Gharchola combination saree, a masterpiece that harmonizes the rich heritage of Ajrakh block prints with the intricate artistry of Gharchola weaving. Priced at just ₹750 with free shipping across India, this saree offers unparalleled elegance and cultural depth. Crafted with precision, the vibrant Ajrakh patterns are complemented by the delicate checks and motifs of Gharchola, making it perfect for both festive occasions and everyday elegance. Embrace the timeless charm and unique craftsmanship with this stunning saree, an embodiment of tradition and style.

Order now for an exquisite Ajrakh and Gharchola combination saree at just ₹750 with free shipping across India!


. Type:  Sarees
2. Material: Pashmina Silk, known for its softness and luxurious feel.
3. Work / Weaving:  A+ Foil + Print, providing a rich and intricate finish.
4. Design: Ajrakh X Gharchola, a unique fusion of two traditional crafts.
5. Pallu: Ajrakh, featuring intricate and vibrant block prints.
6. Length: 44 inches, ensuring a comfortable and elegant drape.
7. Meter: 5.5 meters for the saree plus an additional blouse piece.
8. Blouse Material: Pashmina Silk, matching the saree for a cohesive look.
9. Blouse Design: Ajrakh Print, complementing the saree's design.
10. Blouse Length:  44 inches, providing ample fabric for various blouse styles.
11. Blouse Meter: 0.90 meters, included in the overall length.
12. Care: Home washable, making it easy to maintain and care for.

This Ajrakh and Gharchola combination saree is a beautiful blend of traditional artistry and modern elegance. Crafted from luxurious Pashmina Silk, it features detailed A+ Foil and Print work. The saree's design combines the intricate Ajrakh patterns with the classic Gharchola weaving, creating a unique and stylish look. The Ajrakh pallu adds a touch of traditional charm, while the overall length and blouse material ensure versatility and comfort. Perfect for festive occasions and everyday wear, this saree is priced at just ₹750 with free shipping all over India.

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