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Banglori Silk Plain Saree

Banglori Silk Plain Saree

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Elegance meets opulence: a plain saree adorned with a lavish, intricate border.

Effortlessly elegant, the plain saree drapes gracefully, its subtle beauty accentuated by a lavish border that exudes opulence. Each fold tells a story of understated sophistication, while the heavy border adds a touch of regal charm, making a statement that is both refined and captivating.

Product Content

Type: Soft Silk Saree

Design: Plain Saree

Material: Soft Silk

Pallu: Heavy Weaving

Length: 44 inches

Meter: 5.5 meters (Saree) + Blouse

Blouse Material: Soft Silk

Blouse Design: Small Butti With Border

Blouse Length: 0.90 meters

Care: 100% Home Washable

Soft Silk Saree, designed as a Plain Saree with Heavy Weaving Pallu. The saree length is 44 inches, with 5.5 meters of fabric, including the blouse. The blouse material is Soft Silk, featuring a Small Butti With Border design, with a blouse length of 0.90 meters. This saree is 100% home washable for convenient care.


1. Type: Soft Silk Saree - Luxuriously crafted from soft silk, offering a smooth texture and elegant drape.

2. Design: Plain Saree -
Embracing simplicity with minimalistic design, allowing craftsmanship to shine.

3. Material: Soft Silk -
Renowned for its lustrous sheen and delicate feel, adding a touch of luxury.

4. Pallu: Heavy Weaving -
Intricately woven pallu for a striking contrast against the plain body of the saree.

5. Length: 44 inches -
Offering ample fabric for graceful draping and flattering silhouette.

6. Meter: 5.5 meters (Saree) + Blouse -
Generous fabric length for traditional draping, complete with a matching blouse.

7. Blouse Material: Soft Silk -
Complements the saree, ensuring a seamless match and luxurious feel.

8. Blouse Design: Small Butti With Border -
Classic design with small butti motifs and delicate border.

9. Blouse Length: 0.90 meters -
Versatile length for various neckline and sleeve designs.

10. Care: 100% Home Washable -
Easy maintenance for hassle-free longevity while retaining its beauty.

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