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Dhabhu Print Indigo Saree Vol.8

Dhabhu Print Indigo Saree Vol.8

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"Wrap yourself in the rustic charm of Dabu Print Saree, where traditional artistry meets contemporary elegance."

  • Product Content
  • Type :- Saree
  • Material :- Soft Cotten Silk
  • Designe :- Dhabu Print
  • Leanth :- 44’
  • Meter :- 5.5 Mt. + Blouse
  • Blouse :- Same as Saree
  • Blouse Meter :- 0.90 Mt.

"Discover the rustic beauty of our Dabu Print Saree at an incredible price of ₹600. Crafted with meticulous Dabu printing, this saree narrates a story of timeless artistry on soft fabric. Priced affordably and with free shipping, it's an invitation to experience the traditional charm and earthy elegance that Dabu printing brings. Embrace the fusion of heritage and contemporary style, making each drape a canvas of artistic expression."

Revive tradition with our Dabu Print Saree, priced at an irresistible ₹600 with free shipping. Order now to embrace the artistic heritage of Dabu printing, and add a touch of rustic elegance to your wardrobe. Each order is an opportunity to wear a piece of timeless craftsmanship, where tradition meets affordability in a seamless blend."

  1. Soft Cotton Silk Comfort: Revel in the comfort of Soft Cotton Silk, ensuring a gentle and breathable drape that effortlessly blends style with ease.
  2. Authentic Dabu Print: Adorned with authentic Dabu print, this saree celebrates traditional craftsmanship, showcasing intricate patterns that narrate the story of timeless artistry.
  3. Generous Fabric Lengths: With 5.5 meters for the saree and 0.90 meters for the blouse, this ensemble provides ample fabric for various draping styles, allowing you to express your individuality with grace.
  4.  Blouse: The contrast blouse is embellished, providing a striking complement to the saree's design and adding an extra layer of elegance.
  5. Timeless 44-inch Length: Boasting a timeless length of 44 inches for both the saree and blouse, this ensemble offers a classic and elegant silhouette suitable for various occasions.
  6. Affordable Elegance: Priced at an affordable ₹600, this Dabu Print Saree with free shipping allows you to embrace elegance without breaking the bank. It's an invitation to indulge in tradition and style at an irresistible value.

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Kinjal Patel
Happy with my purchase

Good quality product in good price