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Floral Blossom Semi Crap Saree

Floral Blossom Semi Crap Saree

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Floral Blossom Silk Saree - A Symphony of Artistry in Semi Crap Silk

Indulge in the beauty of dual craftsmanship with our  Floral Blossom Silk Saree, a stunning ensemble priced at just ₹390 with free shipping. Crafted from high-quality Semi Crap Silk, this saree seamlessly combines the intricate patterns of Floral and the timeless charm of Silk, creating a masterpiece that exudes elegance.

  • Product Content
  • Type :- Saree
  • Designe :- Floral Blossom
  • Material :- Semi Crap Silk
  • Pallu :- Patola
  • Leanth :- 44’
  • Meter :- 5.5 Mt. + Blouse 
  • Blouse Material :- Semi Crap Silk
  • Blouse Designe :- Bandhani Butti With Border
  • Blouse :- 0.90 Mt. 
  • Care :- 100% Home Washable

Step into Dual Elegance - Order Your Floral Blossom Silk Saree Now!

Make a bold fashion statement with this exquisite saree ensemble. The fusion of Blossom and Floral, along with the luxurious Semi Crap Silk, ensures you stand out with grace and style.

  1. Dual Craftsmanship: Experience the fusion of Floral & Blossom artistry, two traditional techniques coming together to create a harmonious design. The saree showcases the vibrant patterns of Floral interwoven with the timeless appeal of Blossom, resulting in a visual treat.
  2. Semi Crap Silk Luxury: Draped in the luxurious embrace of Semi Crap Silk, this saree offers a smooth and graceful drape. The fabric's natural sheen adds an extra layer of opulence, making it suitable for various occasions.
  3. Versatile Length: With a generous saree length of 5.5 meters and an accompanying blouse piece of 0.90 meters, this ensemble allows flexibility in draping styles. The saree's length of 44 CM strikes a perfect balance between traditional grace and modern allure.
  4. Affordable Elegance with Free Shipping: Priced at just ₹390, this Floral Blossom Silk Saree comes with the added benefit of free shipping, making it an unbeatable combination of affordability and opulence.

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