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Gharchola Weaving Dola Silk Saree

Gharchola Weaving Dola Silk Saree

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The Gharchola saree is a traditional Gujarati bridal saree known for its intricate checks and zari work.

Discover the exquisite Gharchola saree, now available for just ₹1350 with free shipping. This stunning traditional Gujarati bridal saree showcases intricate checks and opulent zari work, making it the perfect choice for weddings and festive celebrations. Crafted with care, this saree combines timeless elegance with exceptional value, ensuring you look radiant on your special day without breaking the bank. Don't miss out on this incredible offer—embrace the beauty and heritage of the Gharchola saree today!

Product Content

Type :- Heavy Look Saree

Designe :- Gharchola

Material :- Dola Silk 

Work :- All weaving

Leanth :- 44’

Meter :- 5.5 Mt. + Blouse

Blouse :- Full Weaving 

Blouse Meter :- 0.90 Mt.

Care :- Simple Wash

Order now to get your exquisite Gharchola saree for just ₹1350 with free shipping, and experience the elegance of traditional Gujarati bridal wear with intricate checks and rich zari work!

1. Type: Heavy Look Saree
- This saree is designed to provide a rich, heavy appearance, perfect for special occasions such as weddings and festive celebrations. Its elaborate design and luxurious fabric give it an opulent feel, making the wearer stand out.

2. Design: Gharchola
- The Gharchola saree is a traditional bridal saree from Gujarat, renowned for its distinctive checkered patterns interwoven with zari threads. This design is symbolic of marital bliss and is often chosen for its cultural significance and beauty.

3. Material: Dola Silk
- Made from premium Dola Silk, this saree offers a soft and smooth texture, ensuring comfort and elegance. Dola Silk is known for its durability and fine quality, making it a perfect choice for elaborate sarees.

4. Work: All Weaving
- The saree features intricate weaving throughout, showcasing skilled craftsmanship. The woven patterns and motifs add a traditional and sophisticated touch, enhancing the saree's overall appeal.

5. Length: 44 Feet
- The saree measures 44 feet in length, providing ample fabric to drape in various styles. This generous length ensures a graceful and flowing look, suitable for different body types.

6. Meter: 5.5 Meters + Blouse
- With 5.5 meters of saree fabric, this garment offers enough material to create a stunning drape. Additionally, it includes an extra blouse piece, making it a complete ensemble.

7. Blouse: Full Weaving
- The blouse that comes with the saree is also fully woven, matching the saree's intricate work. This ensures a cohesive and elegant look, complementing the saree perfectly.

8. Blouse Meter: 0.90 Meters
- The blouse piece measures 0.90 meters, providing sufficient fabric to tailor a well-fitted blouse. This length is ideal for creating various blouse designs, whether traditional or contemporary.

9. Care: Simple Wash
- Maintaining this saree is easy with a simple wash, making it convenient for regular use. Despite its intricate design, the saree is crafted to endure gentle washing, preserving its beauty and quality over time.

Order Now:
Take advantage of this special offer and order your Gharchola saree today for just ₹1300 with free shipping. Experience the elegance of traditional Gujarati bridal wear with the luxurious feel of Dola Silk and the intricate artistry of weaving.

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