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Lehariya X Patola 7 meter Flair lehangaCholi

Lehariya X Patola 7 meter Flair lehangaCholi

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The Lehanga Choli is a splendid and culturally rich ensemble, marrying traditional design elements with modern convenience. 

  • Product Content
  • Type :- Lehanga Choli
  • Material :- Art Silk
  • Leanth :- 44’ Apx. 
  • Flair :- 7 Meter
  • Waist :- 42’ Apx. 
  • Blouse :- Stiched
  • Blouse Size :- 40’ (36 Inch. + 4 Inch. Margin)
  • Sleeves :- 16’ Inch. 
  • Duppta :- 2.35 Mt. Apx. 
  • Duppta Leanth :- 44’ Inch. 
  • Care :- 100% Home Washable
  • Extremely Light weight

This Lehanga Choli is a celebration of heritage and contemporary style. From the intricate Lehariya X Patola design on the lehanga to the convenience of a ready-made blouse and the playful tussles on the dupatta, it's crafted to be a stunning and versatile choice for a range of celebratory occasions.


  • The lehanga is a true spectacle with an extravagant flair measuring an impressive 7 meters, creating a voluminous and regal appearance.
  • The design of the lehanga is a fusion of Lehariya and Patola, combining two traditional Indian textile arts. Lehariya involves a distinctive striped pattern, while Patola is known for its intricate, vibrant designs created through a meticulous dyeing process.


  • Blouse is Ready Made
  • The blouse is a stylish and convenient ready-made piece, eliminating the need for stitching and ensuring ease of wear.
  • With a size of 36 inches, the blouse can be further altered to accommodate sizes up to 40 inches, providing a customizable fit for different body types.


  • The accompanying dupatta is 2.25 meters in length, allowing for various draping styles and providing an additional layer of elegance to the ensemble.
  • Tussles on the dupatta add a playful and dynamic element, enhancing the overall visual appeal.


  • This Lehanga Choli is designed to make a significant impact at various events, particularly well-suited for weddings, Navaratri celebrations, and all other festive functions.
  • The combination of the grand flair, Lehariya X Patola design, and thoughtful details make it an ideal outfit for those who appreciate cultural richness and want to make a lasting impression at special occasions.

Customer Reviews

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Rajesh Sharma

Lehariya X Patola 7 meter Flair lehangaCholi

Any Singh

Beautiful lehengaLoved with the quality and design

Sima Das

Received the package; I loved it 😍. It's exactly as shown in the picture, and the quality is amazing. Actually, I'm in the UK right now, so I was really tense before ordering, thinking about the quality. But I just called my mom, and she was really happy; she said the quality and everything are good. So now, I will be ordering the next one in a couple of days. One more important thing is your customer service is 10/10, especially on Instagram—always ready to respond, which I think is the best thing a customer can ask for.

Sandhya Baghel

It's a reliable site.They deliver beautiful lehenga at reasonable price😍