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Original Kashmiri Work Saree (Wine)

Original Kashmiri Work Saree (Wine)

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The Kashmiri work saree is an exquisite garment adorned with intricate hand-embroidered motifs, showcasing the rich cultural heritage and craftsmanship of Kashmir.

Product Content :-

Type :- Saree

Material :- Pure georgette

Designe :- Traditional Kashmiri 

Work :- Thread + Embroidered + siroski

Leanth :- 44’

Meter :- 5.5 Mt. + Blouse

Blouse :- Saree color with Border

Blouse Fabric :-  Pure georgette

Blouse Meter :- 1.00 Mt.

The Kashmiri work saree is a masterpiece of traditional craftsmanship, embodying the rich cultural heritage of Kashmir. These sarees are distinguished by their elaborate and intricate hand-embroidered motifs, which often include delicate floral patterns, paisleys, and vines, inspired by the natural beauty of the Kashmir Valley. The embroidery, known as Kashida, is executed with exceptional precision using fine silk or cotton threads, often enhanced with metallic threads to add a touch of opulence. Each saree can take months to complete, reflecting the artisan's dedication and skill.

"Experience the timeless elegance of our Kashmiri work saree, featuring intricate hand-embroidered motifs that celebrate the exquisite craftsmanship of Kashmir, priced at ₹5290."

Introducing our exquisite Kashmiri work saree, a stunning representation of traditional craftsmanship and elegant design.

This saree is meticulously crafted from pure georgette fabric, known for its lightweight, sheer texture, and flowing drape. The material ensures a comfortable and graceful fit, perfect for any occasion.

The design of the saree showcases traditional Kashmiri artistry. It features intricate thread work combined with elaborate embroidery, highlighting the rich cultural heritage of Kashmir. Adding a touch of sparkle, siroski elements are incorporated, enhancing the overall appeal and making it suitable for both festive and formal events.

The saree measures 44 feet in length, providing ample fabric to achieve various draping styles. The total length is 5.5 meters, which includes an additional blouse piece.

The blouse, matching the saree in color and adorned with a border, is made from the same pure georgette fabric. This ensures a cohesive and elegant look when paired with the saree. The blouse fabric is provided in a length of 1 meter, allowing for customization according to personal preferences and styles.

In summary, this Kashmiri work saree is a perfect blend of tradition and modern elegance. With its pure georgette material, intricate thread and embroidered work, siroski embellishments, and matching blouse piece, it stands as a testament to exquisite craftsmanship and timeless beauty, all available for ₹5290.

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