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Pure Hand Weaving Kalamkari Saree (Rani Gala)

Pure Hand Weaving Kalamkari Saree (Rani Gala)

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"Every thread a testament to craftsmanship, each weave a celebration of culture and heritage, a pure handwoven saree embodies the essence of artistry and grace."

"Draped in resplendent colors reminiscent of royal courts, this exquisite handwoven saree bears the hallmark of Rajwadi grandeur, with intricate motifs and luxurious fabrics weaving together a tapestry of majestic elegance fit for a queen."

Product Content

Type :- Sarees

Material :- Pure Soft Viscose

Work :- All Hand Weaving

Pallu :- Royal Look

Leanth :- 44' Inch.

Meter :- 5.5 Mt. + Blouse

Blouse Material :- Pure Soft Viscose

Blouse Designe :- Kanjivaram Silk

Blouse Leanth :- 44' Inch

Blouse Meter :- 1Mt.

Care :- Dry Clean

"Please place an order for our exquisite Pure Soft Viscose handwoven saree with a royal pallu, measuring 44 inches in length, including 5.5 meters of fabric for the saree and 1 meter for the Kanjivaram Silk blouse. Care instructions recommend dry cleaning for maintenance. Thank you!"

1. Type: Sarees - This collection comprises traditional Indian sarees.

2. Material: Pure Soft Viscose - Crafted from high-quality, soft viscose fabric for a luxurious feel and comfortable wear.

3. Work: All Hand Weaving - Each saree is meticulously handwoven, showcasing the skill and craftsmanship of expert artisans.

4. Pallu: Royal Look - The pallu of the saree is designed to exude a regal aura, featuring intricate patterns and rich embellishments.

5. Length: 44 inches - The saree length measures 44 inches, providing ample fabric for graceful draping.

6. Meter: 5.5 meters + Blouse - Each saree comes with a length of 5.5 meters, allowing for versatile styling options. Additionally, a blouse piece is included for a complete ensemble.

7. Blouse Material: Pure Soft Viscose - The blouse material matches the saree fabric, ensuring a cohesive look and comfortable fit.

8. Blouse Design: Kanjivaram Silk - The blouse is designed with Kanjivaram Silk, featuring traditional motifs and intricate weaving.

9. Blouse Length: 44 inches - The blouse length is 44 inches, providing coverage and elegance.

10. Blouse Meter: 1 meter - A meter of fabric is provided for the blouse, allowing for customization and tailoring according to individual preferences.

11. Care: Dry Clean - To maintain the quality and beauty of the saree, it is recommended to dry clean only, ensuring longevity and preservation of its exquisite craftsmanship

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